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The One-Stop Shop of Fiber Optic Cables 

At Yelco LAS, you will benefit from a full service where you can get customized connectivity solutions. Here are produced, assembled and packed, products such as fiber optic cables, pigtails and patch cords. 

The Fiber Optics Lab

The one-stop shop of fiber connectivity solutions is almost ready to start receiving your requests, even the special ones.

If you struggle with getting the right components, with very specific quantities within your deadlines, you’re in the right place.

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Why Yelco Local Assembly Shop?




Yelco fiber optic cables are produced under the strictest quality procedures 


With Yelco you'll get a provider that gives you your end-to-end solutions, in one place 


Looking for very specific features or quantities? Your order will be customized according to your needs
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It's Time to Supply your Project with Yelco's Fiber Optic Cables