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Make your Network Infrastructure More Efficient with Tailor-Made Solutions

Remember that idea you had to optimize a product from your network? Yes, it’s possible to make it come alive.
At Yelco, we have a team of specialists totally focused on idealizing the best solutions according to your needs.

How We’ll solve it? The Yelco Way.



We start by carefully listening to your needs, gathering all the relevant information.



This is where the magic begins. Our team starts coming up with ideas that meet or (even better) go beyond your expectations.



Project/ 3D Prototype

We dissect the project’s scope and hand you a detailed roadmap with all the milestones and dates. After that, a prototype will be developed to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the solution and tells what still needs to be improved. 



The result: always high quality, innovative product at the best price in a very short time.


Product Acceptance

With Yelco, all the work is done to achieve the best possible product. That's why our solutions are so positively accepted by the market.


Assembly and Packaging

Every detail counts, that’s why you can also rely on Yelco to assembly the final product and develop the packaging.

A Unique Way of Doing Things

All our projects are analyzed in detail to present a proposal that meets our partners' goals.

From the idea until the packaging phase, leave it with Yelco. We can handle your project like no one else.

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Projects & Solutions

New Project - 2023-03-22T162325.434-min

Clamp for Securing Excess Slack

Accessory for fixing and sustaining excess slack in fiber optic aerial cable networks.
The present development aims to solve the problem of fixing and securing the slack of telecom cables packed in coils and installed in aerial networks.

New Project - 2023-03-22T162403.523-min

Infinity Fiber Optic Splice Closure

The latest product in the Yelco product line, that emerged from the challenge launched by a customer to create a closure that would allow for easy and sustainable expansion. The Infinity Closure can accommodate from 288 to 1152 fusion splices.

New Project - 2023-03-22T162435.560-min

Inline Compact Customer Drop Box

To overcome the problem of placing termination boxes in city centers, where buildings are older and lack the infrastructure for networks.
This Project was launched with the premise of being very competitive in price and a very short time-to-market. 


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