Why Yelco

Why Yelco

Each telco network is unique and has uniques challenges. So, you need a partner with the flexibility to adapt to whatever you need. And with the skills and muscle to deliver it fast, at competitive prices. 

To be that partner, only Yelco has what it takes:

Yelco A Back Yelco A Front
Yelco A Back Yelco A Front


In-house capabilities through the whole production cycle:

  • Consultancy 

  • Design 

  • Bespoke products 

  • Off the shelf products with our own brands

  • Third-party products 



The knowledge and track record:

  • 20-year success in telecommunications 

  • Broad industry experience 

  • Deep knowledge of EMEA markets

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Yelco B Back Yelco B Front
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Yelco C Back Yelco C Front



The attitude:

At Yelco we love innovation. This is why we have developed so many products and solutions for so many clients.  

And we love challenges. Whenever a client asks: “Is it possible?” we love to say “Yeah”. 

From the Telco Lab of the World… to the World

The company that originated Yelco – then called C3T – was lucky. It was born in the right place at the right time.  

Portugal is a small country, but in the early 2000s it was undergoing a massive technological revolution. Telco companies were expanding and completely revamping their networks, in such a way that made the country a kind of laboratory for the most advanced telco solutions in the world. 

We started our journey in 2014. The expansion was fast and full of challenges. Having to solve so many of them day in day out was tough – but it gave C3T, soon followed by its sister company First Approach, the expertise, agility and creativity that are Yelco’s signature today. 

As they kept winning clients all over the world, it became obvious that the skills they had developed in their Portuguese beginnings were also needed elsewhere. As well as the integrated approach they used to solve their clients’ equipment challenges.  

This is how Yelco is born. Once again, in the right place – at the right time. 

Our team

Paulo Santos | CTO
André Manteigas | Co-founder & CEO
Carlos Falé | Business Development Manager
Williams Cunha | International Sales Director
Pedro Mota | Industrial Designer
Ricardo Gomes | Purchase & Comercial Manager
Armando Neves | LAB Manager
Glauber Carlos | Product Development
Olinda Monginho | Sales Director
Fernando Terceiro | International Sales Manager